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About me

    Hi! My name is Vidya Vasudevan. I've been a children's book illustrator for over16 years and thoroughly enjoy bringing ideas and stories visually to life. Growing up among diverse cultures in Uganda, Mozambique, India and currently living in the US, contributes to a lot of the work I do today. My background includes a post-graduate degree in English Literature, working at an animation studio and being an art teacher, all of which have offered me a constant stream of new ideas and ways of staying creative.

    Illustrating for children's books has been rewarding for this very reason. Every story I illustrate triggers for me renewed wonder and excitement. Creating and exploring new worlds and characters with each book is a wonderfully imaginative journey!   

      Being a part of Storyteller Academy and SCBWI has been instrumental in helping me learn so much and grow as an illustrator and writer.

    Aside from illustrating, my loves are: spending time with family and friends, reading, writing, gardening, music, cooking, hiking and listening to my favorite podcasts.    

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